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Dancing Shoes

Dance shoes will usually have either a split leather or suede sole. They are durable, but you don't won't to wear them outside. They will need some care to maintain that new comfortable feel. Most dance floors will be clean. Exceptions are at bars and places that serve lots of drinks and food around the floor. Avoid stepping in beverage spills and water as the sole will soak it up. If the shoes do get wet, they will feel like all grip until they dry out. If your shoes do get glazed over from beer or gunk, you will need to heavily brush away the mess with a wire shoe brush. If the shoes are just clogged up from dust or powder, a gentle brushing should clear most of it away and return the fluff to the surface.

To keep the nap in your suede soles use a wire shoe brush with steel bristles to fluff up the suede. When the suede finally wears out, it can be replaced. (You can even do it yourself.) Shoe brushes can be purchased for as little as $7 or $8. As with everything else, more expensive models are available. You can find the same brush in many hardware stores by asking for a "file" brush, one used for cleaning large files.

A while back I had the unfortunate experience of arriving at a normally well kept dance floor only to find that a recent party had left the floor very sticky. Unfortunately the shoes that I had worn to the facility were my usual rubber non skids. After having to spend a lot of time cleaning my dance shoes I began wearing regular leather sole shoes to dance (or at least having a pair in the car). That way I can protect the dance shoes and just suffer through with my heavier street shoes for the event if needed.
Are your soles looking a bit worn? Have a new suede sole put on. Try The Village Cobbler - 6253 Roswell Rd, just north of ABDCentre.
Make suggestions of other shops that you have used.