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Welcome to Start Dancing Atlanta. Trying to decide how and where to start dancing Ballroom in this city can take some research. This collection of information may shorten your entry time in learning ballroom dancing or finding places to dance. This certainly is not a complete list of everything you need to know about ballroom dancing in Atlanta, but it will help give you a jump start. If you find other resources, places or information that you think would be helpful, please let me know

This page breaks out where to find dances on a given day of the week. Note that some dance parties are weekly, while other occur on a specific week, like third Saturday of the month.

As with most things in life, these events may change, cancel or postpone. Check each one before heading out.

Heads Up !

Regular Schedule Dance Night Choices... here.
If you know of dance events that should be listed here, please send .
Dancing is the art of motion. Music is an accessory.

Places to Dance

Here is a list to start dancing with.     This list does not include bars and clubs.
Recheck class schedules often as some last minute changes occur. Time, Date, Instructor, Level of class.

Academy Ballroom Atlanta Focus Latin - 800 Miami Circle, Suite 140, Atlanta, GA. 30324, (404) 846-3201
All About Ballroom Lawrenceville and around.  
Arthur Murray Studio 7855 North Point Parkway, Suite B   Alpharetta, GA 30004 (678) 795-9854
Art Is Motion Ballroom  4470 Satellite Blvd #201 Duluth GA 30096 on the second floor above Paragon Golf  
Atlanta Area Ballroom Dancers 3rd Saturday dances at Atlanta Dance
Atlanta Ballroom Dance CENTRE A long time facility in Atlanta closed by the wrecking ball.
Atlanta Dance 2213 Roswell Rd - Marietta, GA 30062  
Atlanta Dance Entertainment Club 201 - American Legion Post 201 | 201 Wills Road, Alpharetta, GA 30004
Atlanta DanceSport Check their schedule for Dance nights.
Atlanta Tango

Ballroom Dance Clubs of Atlanta  - Midtown and Duluth   Usually First Saturday. NOTE: Friday practice parties for students only.
Ballroom Dance Community Sometimes referred to as the Perimeter (Church) dance group because of one of their locations.
                  Also Oak Grove, John's Creek, Roswell, Decatur, Snellville and Oglethorpe University. *L*     Party Schedule

Ballroom Impact Atlanta, 8601 Dunwoody Place, Building 700, Suite 730, Sandy Springs 30350
Club 201 The American Legion Post 201
Country Western Social Club - ATL Lessons at CPC Two Step, Waltz, West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing, Cha-Cha, and Night Club

Dance City Ballroom 800 Miami Circle (Academy Ballroom) Atlanta GA 30324 404.312.0133
Dance Harmony 11770 Haynes Bridge Road, Suite 900, Alpharetta 404 775 1888
Dance Ranch 1675 Cumberland Pkwy SE, #414 | Smyrna GA 30080 | 678.258.0643
Dancing 4 Fun Gwinnett - Lawrenceville +
Dacne With Me Buckhead   
Daza Dance Ballroom Academy 3230 Peachtree Road NE 404 537 5222
Down South Swing

Ga Tech Salsa Club   
Ga Tech Dance Association
Ga Tech Ballroom Club
Gotta Dance Now Peachtree City
Jones Dancesport   1275 Powers Ferry Road Southeast, Suite 100, Marietta, GA, 30067
Kennesaw State University Swing Dance Association

Lanier Dance Club Meets at the American Legion, 2343 Riverside Dr, in Gainesville every 4th Tuesday of the month. $8, cash bar. Lesson at 7:00 included
Rock Steady Ballroom 270 Carpenter Drive Suite 120, Sandy Springs, Georgia 30328 Classes-No Dances

Salsa Atlanta
Smooth Dance Studio 686 Peachtree Industrial Blvd, Suite 100, Suwanee, GA 30024   (470)266-1960
Stardust Ballroom Dance Club Fayetteville Schedule
Tango Bohemia Various Locations
Tango Evolution
Tango-Rio Athletic Club Northeast 1515 Sheridan Rd Atlanta 30324 *L*
Waltz Play at the CPC Most Sunday afternoons - mostly waltz but others too. *L*
USA Dance | DanceSport @ *L*     Usually 2nd Sat - Check schedule.

Swing +

Emory Swing Club
GA Tech Dance Association   Age range extends well beyond college students.
Hot Jam: Swing Dancing in Atlanta The music is geared towards traditional 30's & 40's swing music.
      Most people dance Lindy-Hop, Charleston, Balboa and 6-count EC swing.
Monday Nights
Down South Swing
KSU Swing Dance Association  
Shag Atlanta
Swing Invasion West Coast
Swustle West Coast and Hustle Wicked Westie West Coast   Garden Hills Community Center
UGA Swing Club

Other Dancing

Country Western Social Club - ATL

Contra Dancing     The Chattahoochee Country Dancers (CCD)   Schedule
Atlanta Cajun and Zydeco Assoc...

Beyond Metro

Athens, GA
UGA Dance Club Facebook   Two Left Feet - UGA Ballroom Dance Blog
UGA Ballroom Performance Group   Athens Swing Night     Tango Night at the Elk's Lodge - 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month Athens Elks Lodge at 3155 Atlanta Hwy  
Casino Salsa Lessons - Tuesday & Thursdays 220 College Ave., Suite 212 (The Fred's Building)

Birmingham Swing Dancers
Dancer's Night Out - Chattanooga
Chattanooga Dance Sport
Columbus, GA Mr. and Mrs. Club
Golden Isles Dancers
Huntsville, AL Info
Pensacola Dance Club
Mandeville (LA) Ballroom

Central NY - Ithaca-Syracuse-Binghamton-Rochester

Metro Atlanta Dance Bands

The Atlanta Blue Notes
The Atlanta Swing Band
Capital City Express
Classic City Swing Band
The Etowah Jazz Society   EJS on Facebook
Laigh Langley
Peachtree Jazz Edition

Dance Discussion

Atlanta Dance World Dance Forum Ballroom and Latin
Ballroom Dancers Message Board
Salsa Dance Forum

Atlanta Area Ballroom Dancers
Atlanta Blues Dancing
Atlanta Social Dancers
Atlanta Swing Dance Club
Ballroom Dancers of Atlanta
Christian Swing Dancers Network
Dancing Around Atlanta
Emory Swing Club
Ga Tech Dance Association
Gwinnett Tango Society
KSU Swing Dance Association
Salsa ATL
Swing Dancing Gwinnett

A bit about loudness.

Introduction to Social Dancing

   Social dancing is an opportunity to enjoy socializing and exercising while improving your mental and physical condition. Social dancing expects individuals to mix and mingle whether single or married. Miss Manners would frown on a couple coming to a social dance and only dancing with each other. A gentleman asks a lady for a dance, escorts her to the dance floor, and when the dance is completed, escorts her back. Obviously the lady should not take off running at the completion of the dance. When declining a dance invitation, the lady may indicate that she does not know that dance (if that is the case) and might say please ask me for a _____ (naming a dance style) with which she is comfortable. With few exceptions, most social dancers are understanding and supportive of the beginner as they were once a beginner themselves.

    Many dance venues will include one or more mixers where the gentlemen line up on one side and the ladies the other, meeting in the middle and dancing the floor once. At the end of the floor, the partner is thanked and each returns to the line to have an opportunity to dance with a different partner. If you should meet the same partner it is acceptable to skip to the next person in line indicating that you just completed dancing with the person being skipped. In ballroom, the usual mixer dance is the foxtrot. If you should be very new to dancing, don't hesitate to mention this as you meet your partner.

    A number of the "dances" in Atlanta will include an introductory class before the dance officially begins. These classes are from 30 minutes to an hour.

    Dress varies from venue to venue with some being very casual while others may be a little dressier. Around holidays many dancers will choose to dress up a little more. Shorts, T-shirts and jeans are generally not acceptable. Remember your shoes. Dancing with rubber soles or not-slip soles will be very difficult. Once you have taken a few lessons and and decided you are serious about dancing, you may wish to consider investing in dance shoes. These have a soft sole that you do not want to wear outside the ballroom. They do give you a solid and comfortable feel on the dance floor. Along with the shoes, you will need a steel shoe brush for cleaning the soles which restores their texture. More about shoes...

   Please be considerate of others when deciding to use perfume or fragrances. Dancing is physical so use appropriate deodorant. ...And don't forget your breath.

    Dance lessons come in several flavors. The best place to start is with a group lesson. Having multiple dance partners with which to learn with is good and it spreads the cost around so that your early expense is not great. Some facilities offer a pay by the lesson option, offering a slight reduction for buying multiple lessons at one time. Others will ask for the entire cost of the lesson group (usually 4 weeks but it varies) up front. The size of the group can vary. In large groups such as the ABD Club offers, there are lots of partners and always plenty of folks there. In smaller group settings like those at the ABD Centre, you will get more personal attention. The smaller group setting can suffer if a few people do not show up on a given night.

    You can also purchase individual or couple lessons from instructors. This type of lesson is very specific to your needs. Be certain to ask about cost. With some instructors the cost includes both their teaching and a floor fee. Others quote their fee with an additional floor fee to be added. Just be certain you know the total cost. You may be sharing the floor with several other instructors and students in some studios. Also ask about the length of the session, what to do if you can't make a class etc. Each instructor may have their own individual rules. Dress for lessons is usually comfortable.
(The floor fee goes to the facility where the lesson is taught to cover their overhead.)

    Learning to dance takes time and takes practice. You will likely hear the term muscle memory. Teaching the muscle groups how to move automatically takes lots of repetitive practice. At first it will seem that you are not making any progress. After a while, though, the process just seems to flow and off you go dancing.

Further Readings and information.
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a great understanding of the journey of learning to dance.
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Foot Notes:
CPC - Clairmont Presbyterian Curch - Clairmont at North Druid Hills Road.
Enter from the North Druid Hills side and enter the back building.

*L* Lesson before the dance. check schedule for time and info.




Listings do not constitute an endorsement of any event or organization.   If you know of a good resource or other places please let me know. Contact.